Highlayer Ecosystem Pioneering the Future of Bitcoin

Welcome to the Highlayer Ecosystem. Builders leverage our tech stack to seamlessly bridge Web3 with our JavaScript VM. Through our parallelization, they scale their dApps to compete with Web2 applications. And through our novel SSDAS, they inherit the full decentralisation and security of Bitcoin. Join us as we build the next generation of applications on Bitcoin.

Introducing the Paintbrush, a groundbreaking initiative launching on HighLayer to transform property investment. With $10 million in assets, RWA leverages the power of property fractionalization, making real estate investment accessible to a broader audience. By breaking down traditional barriers, RWA enables investors to own fractions of high-value properties, providing greater flexibility and opportunity. Join us in reshaping the future of real estate investment with innovative solutions on the HighLayer network.


Welcome to Mushroom Swap, the first DEX launching on HighLayer to revolutionize decentralized trading. Offering secure, fast, and low-cost transactions, Mushroom Swap leverages HighLayer's super scaling capabilities for unmatched performance and decentralisation. Hold $SHROOM for protocol governance.


AGI Games, is a collection of more than 100 casino games, from a Vietnamese based studio, which is now being implemented on Highlayer through the power of JavaScript utilising onchain random number generators and a token economy to enhance engagement and decentralisation.


Inventory, is the first wallet specifically designed for Highlayer. With its simple UI, you can easily manage your Bitcoin and Highlayer digital assets. Inventory follows the best design practices in term of security so you can have a complete peace of mind as you traverse the Highlayer space.


MoonEdge was a first mover in building launchpad infrastructure on the Polygon network, securing backers such as Ash Crypto, Sky Vision Capital, GD10 Capital, Pentagon Games (Binance-backed), and others. They will now have a bridge for HVM (Highlayer Virtual Machine) to launch the next wave of innovative projects built on Highlayer's JavaScript VM, in addition to those that will bridge the HVM L3 for VM composability.